Saturday, March 15, 2008

In the Night


AJ Renton said...

Okay, I'm not really sure why you put that up. Or why I watched it.

But two things made it worth while.

1) The skeleton dance. Beautiful.

2) The best part is at about the 2 minute mark where the wolf drummer loses his drumstick while doing a twirl. You can see him lose it, and then decide to keep drumming, without the stick. He's just free-handing. Then one of the characters starts trying to put the stick back in his hand... that was hilarious.

James Kingsley said...

glad you dug it andy! i posted it cos

a) it's a rad song
b) it's a rad video

you're right - the dancing skeletons are easily the best part. though the air-drumming bear is pretty good too (nice eyes, i totally didn't catch that the first time 'round).

don crawford? said...

... another reason ( well, 3 actually ) is 'cuz she went to THEE University of Western Ontario ... alumni of which would be, in reverse order ... Matty B ( MLS ), Karen C ( BA, BEd ) Don C ( BA ... in rality BS ). Later ...