Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random asides

Sorry there hasn't really been many blog posts of much content lately, it's been busy this week with Young Lions of Pop roaring away on a few fun projects that I'll be able to share shortly...

To satiate my dear readers, here's some randoms:

No buzzer
Using the "alarm clock sound" (specifically the buzzer) in commercials should be illegal.

No cutting
Likewise, if you're using a well known song for the soundtrack to a commercial selling life insurance or automatic garage doors: don't cut lines out of the chorus to make it "fit." That's just downright rude. I'd rather here my alarm clock buzzer.

No game
The only thing worse than watching the Canucks lose is watching them lose on Pay-Per-View.

1 comment:

Malcolm Johnson said...

you paid for the game?!