Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coldplay releases Violet Hill

For the cheap price of your email (I used my "junk mail" account) Coldplay released a new song today over at www.coldplay.com.

At first take it's got the kind of feel to it you get when listening to some of Queen's work such as "Somebody to Love" or "Bicycle Race" - it's rock n' roll no doubt, but it's influenced by genres which aren't always explored by 2 guitars, bass and drums.

The song's got a great thump behind it, some heavy descending power chords and a march-y feel that echoes the militaristic scenes the lyrics speak of (which, in an odd way remind me of Leo Tolstoy's Sevastopol in May ).

All-in-all, it's got me stoked to hear the rest of the album when it's released later this year...

Listen: Coldplay - Violet Hill

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