Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hil's April Fool's Foods Class

This is why I love my wife:

Being April Fool's Day, Hilary thought it was necessary to have some fun with her Grade 9 Foods class.

To make a long and hilarious story short, after getting her class hyped up all week to learn how to make french toast she slipped into her classroom early today and injected all the eggs with vegetable-based food colouring.

As her class poured over their recipes and anxiously started mixing things together student after student gasped as green, black, blue, red and orange eggs dropped into their mixing bowls. Hil was able to keep a straight - even concerned - face for a good while before reminding her students what day it was.

I'm gonna be pulling for her to make this a yearly classic.


Kyle Martin said...

very clever.

AJ Renton said...

Hilarious. Nice work Hil.

don crawford? said...

so? does this mean Hil IS or ISN'T for OR against Victoria's needle excahnge and/or safe injection site ... at Oak Bay High of all places?