Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poverty vs Affluence

I've got an inkling that over the next few years we'll see a move toward the mirror (rather than the chequebook) when it comes to finding viable ways to combat poverty.

Maybe getting our groceries from the backyard or the farmers market will make a difference in the life of that child we're sponsoring over in Africa. Maybe more attention to our own gluttony and selfishness will even things out one day.

It's been pointed out before that it's often Affluence which gives birth to Poverty - and I think that's a reality more and more of us are beginning to humbly recognize.

End of Hunger


VeganVixen said...

Preach preacher! I'm so right behind you on this one. Thanks for continuing to remind us that our choices can and do make an impact on a global scale.

michael said...

"affluence gives birth to poverty"

hmm... i don't think so. poverty exists. affluence exists. their mutual existence gives birth to the gap between rich and poor.

consider similar logic applied to other circumstances:

"education gives birth to ignorance"
"grace gives birth to sin"

affluence is not the problem. poverty is. the solution is not to take abundance away from those who have it, but to bring abundance to those who do not.

James Kingsley said...

i see where you're heading michaeal...and i do like the idea of spreading abundance around.

i think was i subtly trying to hint at was that when viewed in a global context, our idea of "abundance" is usually a lot closer to gluttony and selfishness. it is a point based on some sort of material relativism, but it is disheartening to say the least.

the trick is spread the love ain't it? not hoard it.