Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Reading for a Saturday Morning

Read these later...
'Cos they're forecasting a high of 19°C today.

Things Meatloaf Would do for Love

Help Remedies
The most straigtforward (and fun) packaging I've seen in some time.

To Commute or Not to Commute

Jamie asks a question about Church Planting and commuter culture which garners a lot of conversation in the comments.

"The Cult of Sincerity" is now on YouTube in full

I haven't watched it yet, but from the trailer, it looks like it could be pretty entertaining/thougtful for a lower budget indie.

Scott Hodge's notes on a Shane Hipps presentation
Shane is a pastor and authored a book on how media affects theology. I've read the book and found it a compelling primer on how McLuhan's "medium is the message" can play out within the church. By the sounds of it, Shane's a good speaker too.

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VeganVixen said...

Meatloaf pie chart= fantastic!