Friday, April 25, 2008

Some more ideas for the congregation in financial trouble

In light of Ron's recent post on some trailblazing directions congregations facing deep financial uncertainty/unsustainability could head, I thought I'd add a few more ideas to the conversation.

PLEASE NOTE: The suggestions in Ron's original post (as well as in this one) are intended to be considered within the context of congregations undergoing financial crises. If your congregation is experiencing a healthy and sustainable relationship with your collected finances, by all means: keep doing what you're doing! Otherwise, if you find yourself wondering how you're gonna make it through...

1. Get Rid of Your Building (or) Green your building

You can go as simple as keeping the lights off for services during the day (assuming you've got some decent natural lighting already) or as full-bore as retrofitting your entire building to run as close to "off the grid" as possible through making use of solar energy, green roofs etc.

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2. Get Rid of your Paid Pastor (or) Budget Like Public Radio
What if your congregation acted like public radio/tv and raised its budget the year PRIOR to its need?

It may take some more transparency/leadership to explain the ins and outs of such things as office supplies etc, but the idea of fundraising on a ministry-by-ministry basis allows greater opportunity for congregants to see that they really do have "ownership" on what goes on in (and hopefully outside) the congregation.

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3. Make Mission Your Mission (or) Make Mission Your Mission
I can't really offer any alternative to this one, so I've just quoted Ron below:
"Mission...needs to be relocated into the heart of the community... Make it the responsibility of the smaller groups in the neighborhood/community to react to any needs they see in their locality. Look at global projects the larger community can invest in."

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Kyle Martin said...

Interesting stuff bro. continue shooting out these ideas.