Saturday, May 3, 2008

Green by the "Number"

Seth Godin has a great suggestion about ways to skirt a potential "green marketing backlash" on his blog today. In essence he argues for some way to assign a "number" to products which would allow consumers to rate the effect said product would have on the environment after it was purchased and put to use. For example:

Drive to Philadelphia: 150.
Take Amtrak: 22.

Stick with the lightbulbs you have throughout your whole house until they burn out: 175.
Replace them all now with something better: 142.

Organic strawberries from California: 88
Frozen strawberries from California: 80
Apple from Dutchess County: 4

What I think is rad about this idea is that it leads people back the first "R" in the holy trinity of green: "REDUCE." Because, above all, until technology gets much much cleaner, we're going to make the most profound effect on our planet by going with "less."

- Seth Godin on The Coming Backlash Over Green Marketing
- "Less is more, but enough is always enough."

Note: The above design isn't official. I just figured we needed something to look at to help visualize the idea so I whipped up a little design to go along with the post. To read more about the thought behind it, visit the YLOP blog.

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Malcolm Johnson said...

thanks for the link james. cool stuff. kinda like the octane ratings of gasolines, in reverse though. lower is better, as in golf and dieting.