Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hil is now a teacher and other things that happened this week.

It was a good long week with lots going on...

1. On Wednesday, Hil completed her teaching program and is now a bona-fide high school teacher. She caught on pretty quick and had a great 4 months in the classroom, ending up with a bunch of kids that didn't want to see her go and a glowing review from both her sponsor teachers and supervisor.

Hil's been in post-secondary school for somewhere near 7 years (with the last four including all summer too due to courses that didn't transfer between universities) and I'm super proud of her for the eons of hard work that have brought her to this place. Way to go babe.

2. There's a new Young Lions of Pop website under construction
I've been taking on a lot of great web design work lately (in addition to the print work I'm usually churning out) and therefore need to update my online portfolio. Keep your eyes on as the site takes shape.

3. Derek Webb and Sandra McCraken's latest EP is really good.
If you're a Webb fan at all you'll enjoy this little 6 song ep. The production is sparse, but not empty and the husband-and-wife duo seem to have had a lot of fun recording together. It's got a great Amy Mann feel and their cover of Dylan's "If Not for You" is bang on. Fully worth the $5.49 I paid in iTunes for it. You can listen to it online here.

4. I finished the Dark Materials Trilogy
Book 1, The Golden Compass, was a good read, but the series just got a little less so from their on in. Mostly because things that were hyped and pumped and foreshadowed within the first two books just kind of "happened" in the last one. The series easily could've stretched over 5 or 6 books in order to give some of the main events that take place in the last one some more time to develop. Still worth a read though if you've been intrigued by the hype.

If you want my opinion on the series' controversy within Christian circles...let's just say that when an attempt to subvert/counteract a way of thinking is this obvious it's actually quite refreshing to be challenged in such a way. Plus, the charges are nothing new and only threatening if the church continues to be confrontational when entering into such dialogue with its detractors.

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