Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Move Day 1: Victoria To Castlegar

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KM Total:

Gas Total:


Gas Status at hotel check-in:
Full Tank

Difference between chain Hotel and local Motel:

1 Coyote, lots of deer, 3 moose (ma and 2 kids), a few truckers.

Crow's Nest Pass (No. 3 east) is absolutely gorgeous. We're talking up above the snowline with mist coming off the pavement and then down into wine country through sunsoaked valleys.

Best Slogan:

"Famous for Sunshine and Borscht" (Grand Forks, BC)


Barbara Kingsley said...

WOW, That's a LOT of gas!! Glad to talk to you before you took off. Am Happy"the boys" were seeing you off! That would be very emotional! YOu are making GOOD time. Enjoy every bit if the scenery as the prairies will be staight & flat!!Am so happy that you are keeping us all posted. This will be a continuation of many GREAT journeys the you will share. MOM XO XO

Malcolm Johnson said...

is there some sort of niche market for borscht tourism?