Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Move Day 2: Castlegar BC to Swift Current SK

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Day 2 Distance Traveled:
917 km

Total Distance travled since departure:
1607 km

Day 2 Gas Total:

Gas "Our U-haul should be electric" since departure:

Gas Tank Status at Motel Check-In:
3/4 Tank

Wildlife (Living):
Black Bear
Prairie Dogs

Wildlife (Not Living):
Badger (?)

Proximity of "Next Exit Approaching" Sign to actual "Exit" from Hwy 3 to Hwy 1:
3 Feet (approx)

Favorite Place to Have the Power Go Out While You're Filling Up Your Pre-Paid Gas (thus, spend half an hour waiting to finish getting your money's worth):
Creston, BC

Provinces Traversed:

Driving into Cranbrook BC (at the foot of the Rockies) is like driving into one of those padded-foam-and-vinyl placemats...the postcards just don't do it justice. Breathtaking.

Also, we saw a stretch of brush about 120 km's west of Swift Current that was absolutely jam-packed full of prarie dogs. We're talking ant-farm colony busy with the little critters.

Best "Jedi-Mind-Trick" on the back of those "Welcome To ____" Signs (seen as you're leaving town):
"You Will Come Back" (Yahk BC)

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Malcolm Johnson said...

a) loving the updates

b) canada is a beautiful country, aint it

c) gas prices: holy shit, eh.

d) you WILL come back. classic.