Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Move Day 3: Swift Current SK to Kenora ON

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Today's Driving Distance:
1030 Km

Today's Gas Cost:
If you partner with me in a hybrid-powered trucking company, you and I will be set.

Gas Tank Status at Hotel Check-in:
Half a tank

Winner of Canada's Least Enthusiastic Subway Shop/Esso Employee:
Either of the two "sandwich artists" who served us today. Let's just say that these gals were the finger-painting equivalent of a "sandwhich artist" and that I was under the impression verbally communicating using one-word sentences was abandoned soon after fire was discovered...

A good mix of living, breathing porcupines and deer and not as much unidentifiable ditch-dressing. A notable increase in the insect guts gracing the front of our ride has been occuring since we somewhere around the 'Peg.

Rowdiness of the patrons above us at Kenora's Days Inn tonight:
Mild-to-"what the heck?!"

Saskatchewan does not believe in road signage - of any sort. Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario all "welcomed us" whereas we just kind of figured we were in Saskatchewan due to the rise in SK license plates around us. After that we saw about 2 signs for Regina and maybe 2 more for Winnipeg.

Best "I'm not quite sure they really get it" Town Slogan:
"A Progressive Prairie Town" ~ Indian Head, SK


wilsonian said...

I am totally loving these updates from the road!

Barbara said...

Your trip sounds like QUITE THE ADVENTURE!!!! You are soon going to be home!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Malcolm Johnson said...

what's unprogressive about Indian Head? at least saskatchewan votes sensibly.

jshelley78 said...

BY FAR the most amusing thing in my feed reader today... you guys should move more often... just to entertain us! haha...

Along with our beautiful sign, I'd just like to say, WELCOME TO ONTARIO!

Keep in beautiful, damnit.

LJ Ducharme said...

Why would Saskatchewan need road signs?
1) you can see the towns coming up when your still 100 miles away, and
2) no one stops in Saskatchewan anyway.