Friday, May 30, 2008

The Move Day 4: Kenora ON to St Joseph Island ON

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Day 4 Distance Traveled:

Gas total:
No mountains, no headwind = much less painful.

Wildlife (living)
2 Black Bears
4 moose
1 Beaver
1 Loon

Construction projects taking place on Northern Ontario's roads:
It's probably easier to list where construction isn't taking place.

Today's 1200 km's took a whopping 16 hours due to the above mentioned "road upgrades." That said, we're at Hil's parents place now and stoked to have a few days of R&R before our final day on the road.

We also saw a truck's front grill fold in on itself after running into the business end of a moose. While the moose didn't make it through, it amazing looked in much better shape than the truck.

And apparently Saskatchewan's road signs were stolen, repainted and posted along Ontario's roadside - they're everywhere.

Amount of time this update is taking due to Dial-up Connection:
Too much.

Best road warning sign:
"Daze. Doze. Dead."


The Renegade Librarian said...

Good work you road warriors! I am so glad you're safe at the Cains. Miss you buggers already...

Barbara said...

VERY happy you arrived with the moose NOT attached to the front of your U Haul. REST, RELAX, before you RETURN to London. Great Road Warriors indeed!!!!!

don crawford said...

... kinda quiet here without you. somehow.

ron cole said...'s the 31st...two days without a word. OMG...the rapture is real!!!

Christa said...

You're almost here!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
Love ya- Christa