Sunday, May 25, 2008

On the Road Again (10 years later)

Moving Day(s) has pretty much arrived. While we don't set off on our next adventure until tomorrow (Monday), the house is packed and the Uhaul is being picked up in a few hours.

After 10 years out here (17 between Hil and I together) our roots have grown deep and we've found the soil to be rich. To say Victoria has been formative to who we are today would be a gross understatement; this Island and the people we've met here have taught us more about a life of simplicity, good company and service than a single blog post could ever encompass.

And so, while it's been a great month of dinners, parties, and good-old quality time with the life-long friends we've made it'll be a tough drive toward the ferry terminal tomorrow morning.

But "ramble on" we must. The maple trees of Ontario call...

We'll do our best to keep in touch along the road but you can expect shotty wireless and the general business of moving to slow things down on the blog here for a while. Rest assured, I'll be back up and online soon enough and filling you in on how things are shaking down in this next chapter of life.

To the friends we didn't get to hang out with as much as we'd like: we'll be back for visits, so hold on to those stories.

To our friends and family waiting on the other end: we're on our way. See you soon.


Malcolm Johnson said...

exciting times. may that UHaul run straight and true.

disregard the first 10 seconds of this clip, but after that:

Kyle Martin said...

Where in Ontario are you moving?

ron cole said...

James may prayers and blessings follow you on your journey back to Ontario...I've been blessed that our paths crossed for a season. Keep up the creativity, and good luck to both you and Hilary in the job hunt. A place to stand a place to grow...Ontari..ari..ari..o.
Peace brother...Ron+

James Kingsley said...

malcolm: thanks for the well-wishes. straight and true she'll be for sure. and dr. strangelove's ending is probably up there of one of my favorites of all cinematic history. up with planet of the apes of course.

kyle: we're heading to the forest city: London Ontario. if you're ever out that way make sure to drop me a line and we'll hook it up.

ron: thanks ron. i'm stoked to have a whack of weary pilgrim waiting in my rss reader by the time i get off the road!

Christa said...

Dude...sorry I just read this now..but wow- brought tears to my eyes. Tears of excitment to have you home.
I'll keep an eye on the seat sales for ya though :)
Safe travels for you and Hil