Saturday, June 21, 2008

London update for an overcast Saturday

It's been nearly 3 weeks now and both Hil and I are starting to hit our groove. I'm getting used to a new office (ie. my laptop in a new kitchen) and picking up some new clients and Hil's been getting her resumé out to a number of high schools around town.

We've both pitched in with two of Hillside's slo-pitch teams when they've been in need of more females (in Hil's case) and living breathing bodies (in mine). Turns out Hil's getting her swing back after 3 years off the field and I, least I show some promise as a quick learner.

We've got plans to head back up to Hil's folks over the July long weekend and we've booked some cottage and camping plans for August already. If it clears up today, we're heading straight to the beach.

Now, if I you'll allow me to get something off my chest...

Red Means Stop
It is par for the course that 2-3 cars will drive through EVERY red light here.

This is nuts and I've seriously contemplated writing City Hall/the Police to ask what the hey-now is up with that. Aside from being both illegal and stupid, it's also just plain rude.

I don't care if it's the culture our here, I've decided to honk repeatedly and give the stink-eye whenever I have the opportunity.

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LJ Ducharme said...

I noticed the same phenomena while there, and was amazed there weren't more accidents. But there does seem to be just as many old people behind the wheels. Or at least I think they were old people, for the most part most of them can't see over the steering wheel.
Don't even get me started on crazy pedestrians who think they own the road.