Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Move Day 8: St Joseph Island to London

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Distance traveled:
660km : by land AND great lake

Fuel Consumed:
Gas-saving tip: take a ferry when it is available

Wildlife spotted:
It was a pretty dull day for wildlife, unless you include the 7 adults plus one child hanging out in Ilderton's Food Basics parking lot (with their own fold-out chairs from the trunk) so they could drink their Tim Hortons and puff on a cigarette or three at the same time.

"Island" Did-you-know:
Traveling to London today we left from the world's second largest freshwater island (St. Joseph) and also traveled through (or would that be "over") the world's largest freshwater Island (Manitoulin).

If you're ever up around those parts - make sure to take a trip on the Chi-Cheemaun as the country side on either end of the ride is stunning.

After 14 hours on the road/water it was great to pull into our new/old hometown and make it to my folks' place (where we'll be staying while we settle) in time to make it downstairs to catch all three overtime periods in the wings/pens game. Even if it is two American teams battling it out for Lord Stanley's mug, it was pretty cool to end a cross-Canada trip with some great hockey.

Also: Thanks for all the great comments over the "The Move" series. We were usually checking our email via dial-up so we didn't have much time to respond, but it was great to know we had so many of you following along with us!


wilsonian said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely!
Looking forward to hearing of good stuff ahead for you.

Malcolm Johnson said...

it would be across.

flying would be over.

tunneling would be through.

northern ontario is a beautiful place. despite the horton diet.

James Kingsley said...

dude - don't even get me started on the "diet." traveling x-country = way too much A&W and not nearly enough fruit or vegetables!