Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Red Tape Day/Maiden Names and Driver's Licenses

Attn: Women

If you have a driver's license in Ontario, then move out of province, get married, change your name and then move back to Ontario, don't expect to have an easy time getting your license switched back. Neither a Passport, Birth Certificate, Social Insurance Number or any other highly recognized piece of identification will do. Your regular municipal and/or provincial marriage certificate won't do.

Instead, you have to apply for a specially administered federally provided certificate of marriage/name change.

And that, my dear female readers, just saved you about 2-3 hours of infuriating runaround.


Let's just say that Hil and I had quite the day dealing with transferring our BC Licenses to Ontario today. Well, transferring mine was really quite painless, but Hil's difficulties on the other hand....

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