Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week One winding down

Takin' the heat

There's definitely a memory in your bones that recognizes the climate you grew up in and re-adjusts faster than you'd expect. We hit (feels like) 38°C on Friday and surprisingly, we weren't complaining one bit.

We are hippies
Mind you we've still got one major destination to check (Covent Garden Market), but it's pretty safe to say that finding fresh, local, or even just plain old organic food is going to be a challenge. Living on the west coast fully spoiled us with fresh local food at a variety of places: farmers 'markets, chain grocers, heck - even the variety store.

Apparently "local" means "local vendor" not necessarily local "food." Even more confusing: "farmers' market" denotes a market where a bunch of people sell food from (most likely) the same mega-farm(s) down in California.

If you, or someone you love lives in London and can tip us off to some good grub, please put them in touch.

Also, these markets are also usually synonymous with "flea markets" - which could also be called "junk markets" or "heaps and heaps of cheap crap markets."

In other news:
Did I mention this weather is awesome? Hil and I are stoked to host our first bbq's tonight and tomorrow night. All outside, all the time.

And with that, time to head out. Later dudes.


jshelley78 said...

the local food battle is a real and definite battle here :) hope some of this helps
especially note the link to the map recently published, listing local growers in the greater london region -- its very helpful

James Kingsley said...

thanks dude - that should be a great help indeed. looks like i'd missed your post while i was on the road....

i talked to my folks, and my mom actually has one of those maps - so we could be in for some more luck next grocery trip!

Paige Marie Hughes said...

I will never be sold on aquarium weather... Fresh is where I can breathe..

Just wanted to warn you on the so-called pure maple syrup that local Ontario (quakers?) not sure if that's what they're called but I was taken in by their maple syrup. I think I paid 10 bucks for a mixture of water-brown sugar-vanilla extract and some pure maple syrup. I can usually trust my own taste buds but don't quote me on that...

James Kingsley said...

thanks for the syrup tip there paige! we actually know a syrup producer up where hilary's folks live, so we're in good hands! bummer that you got ripped off. i'd never thought it of a Quaker...