Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wonderland/I Slayed Behemoth

Malcolm was in Toronto for some work these past few weeks so Hil and I thought we'd take the 2 hour jaunt north this morning and spend the day hanging with him before he heads back west.

So we got up early, hit Tim Horton's on the way to the highway, arrived in Toronto around 11, met Malcolm at his hotel and then headed to a coffee shop to plan the day out - which is were we decided that rather than catch a Jays game, window shop or just shoot the breeze, we were gonna go to Canada's Wonderland.

And dudes - let me tell you - it was a riot.

Best day ever.

We started things off with the Mighty Canadian Minebuster (Canada's "largest and longest wooden coaster") because we thought it might be best to start off "easy."

Let's just say that half way up the initial climb, I remembered I'm not such a fan of heights. By the end, all three of us were shaking and not really sure what we'd got ourselves into. If there was a word that captured "terrible and fun" at the same time, I probably screamed it at the top of my lungs (continuously).

I don't think we said it out loud, but it quickly became obvious that the only way we were going conquer our newly re-discovered fear was by immediately getting in line for Canada's "biggest longest and fastest" roller coaster: the brand-spanking-new "Behemoth."

They call it the Behemoth for a reason: it's big. Like, really big.

After they "strapped" us in, the coaster started climbing the 230 feet it takes to reach the top; which, by the way, is pretty close to the edge of Earth's atmosphere - if you were wondering. From there it was a 75° angle drop at 125km hour into what I supposed was going to be the last 3 minutes of my life.

The attached video gives you a pretty good idea of the mayhem.

Amazingly at the end of the Behemoth, all three of us agreed the Minebuster had actually surprised/scared us a bit more. There's just something about the clackety-clack of a wooden coaster that sets the heart/stomach at ill ease. Regardless, we figured we'd tackled the two toughest rides right off the bat, so we might as well go and ride the rest. And so we did.


Malcolm Johnson said...

well described.

those rides frayed my nerves.

and after comparing it to bad turbulence in a plane, i got to experience said bad turbulence yesterday. happy to be back in the relatively calm of home.

by the way, "i slayed behemoth" by wonderland would be a great fake album cover...

James Kingsley said...

dude: I Slayed Behemoth by Wonderland would be a great fake album cover indeed. i'll have to set to work on that for sure next time i've got some downtime....

- k - said...

Gotta go with the classic - Mighty Canadian Minebuster. Skirting death for at least 15 and probably about 80 years. That rollercoaster was almost certainly purchased second hand, likely out of the back of a trailer (or 8).

James Kingsley said...

tell me about it. those wooden rides are intense. we were hoping to get on the wild beast as well (the other wooden one) but it was closed. somebody probably got a splinter right through the heart I bet...