Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The "greening" of Wal-Mart

Is Wal-Mart really "going green?"
Or are their recent campaigns just slick marketing to shut the critics up?

It's easy to argue that by their very nature (big, global, focused on "the bottom line") they're simply too large a company to really pull off truly sustainable practices - especially as more and more of today's best thinking is promoting the small/micro and local.


On the other hand, Wal*Mart's undisputed role as the world's largest retailer also suggests any move they make toward sustainability would/could/will have a trickle-down effect worth talking about..... and that's what this great article is all about.

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Malcolm Johnson said...

thanks for the link. i like that they're talking about zero waste, and not just about selling more 'green' products to add to their bottom line.

seems like percentage waste should be one of the standard measure of a company's efficacy, along with net sales, growth, profit, etc.