Friday, July 4, 2008

Pete Lewis on The Collapse

Malcolm tipped me off to this great article from on surfer/zine producer Pete Lewis (of Foulweather). Over the next few days I'll be posting my four favorite quotes/ideas.

"....the sooner civilization crumbles the sooner the planet can recover. It might sound a bit radical but I really don’t see how we can continue being so globally interconnected and interdependent. The only hope I have for the future is if, people could eventually get back to a point they can get everything they need for survival and pleasure within walking distance of where they live. I don’t really see how more technology or more science can help us if we don’t have a healthy land base to live off. Until then I suppose we’ll just plod along with ‘band-aid’ solutions such as recycling and bio-diesel. That’s not to say we should abandon hope or daily efforts to live a more eco-conscious lifestyles.."

~ Pete Lewis

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