Wednesday, August 13, 2008

London Groceries and a Blackout

Living in BC I missed the actual Blackout of '03. That said, it looks as though I can take part in a voluntary one tomorrow. Less continues to be more folks.
The official website of the challenge
LFP on the challenge

Canning - time to DIY
Hilary and I have been canning peaches and pickles and jams and beets and _____ for the past few years now and while it is a dying art, I was stoked to read this article in today's paper encouraging Ontarioan's to get on it.

Get your Groceries DowntownIt looks like downtown London is going to get a grocery store....not that Covent Garden Market doesn't already offer a ton of fresh and local produce. Sigh....

Let's just hope whatever grocery store ends up anchoring the newly re-branded "Citi Plaza" has a love for our local farmers. Amen?

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