Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Camp + Mobile Office = Good Deal

One of the benefits of working from a laptop is that your office is as mobile as wifi is available. Thus, this week finds me working from Aush-Bik-Koong camp on the gorgeous shores of Sugar Lake, while Hil's working as a cabin leader.

With the way the camp is run this week I've found myself taking part in a majority of  the mornings program and then spending a good chunk of the afternoon (when the campers have free time) and late evening making things look good with Young Lions of Pop. I couldn't ask for a better way to close out August.

We're back in town on Saturday and then I've got two great new projects with YLOP to work on after the long weekend. 

In other news: Hilary's Ontario Teachers' certification has finally been processed! It's been a long 3 months since she first applied to have her BC certification transfered and we're stoked to be heading into the fall with all the proper paperwork in place.

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retired54 said...

James, REALLY, has Hilary got her Ont. Tcg. Certificate??? Jas she heard from Central....did she let them know she has it now???
Beau & us are doing REALLY GREAT!!!He is such a smart dog & we love him!!! I am the designated dog poop picker upper & Dad is the player of ALL sorts of stimulating toys with him...don't worry, we haven't bought him any new ones..His favorite is still the tennis evening walk with us finishes off the day.
Have a great rest of the week!