Friday, September 12, 2008

Grant Lawrence for Prime Minister

If you didn't manage to catch Mr. Lawrence's entrance to "Canada's Distraction" (ie the Federal Election) on Sounds Like Canada this morning you missed one of the most rousing and impassioned presentations of the campaign yet.

Promising to bring back the Winnipeg Jets, outlaw Hummers, erect a bronze statue of Stompin' Tom on Parliament Hill and return the HNIC Anthem to the CBC (among other key policies,) Lawrence's interview with SLC host Keven Sylvester shone a ray of light over the Nation's political landscape.

Could Grant be the harbinger of change scores of unimpressed Canadian voters have been hoping for? Can our favorite goaltending, bass playing, true-North-strong-and-free DJ rise above negativey dominating the current campaign and cast a positive vision for Canada's future?

He may be our only hope yet.

I say: Grant for PM!

cue The Canadian Dream

Note: Hopefully the Campaign Launch will be posted in it's entirety here shortly. 
UPDATE: You can stream the interview here

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