Friday, September 12, 2008

Grant Lawrence: No Different Than the Rest in His Sweater Vest

No sooner had we blogged about our excitement over Mr. Lawerence's entry into the Canadian political landscape than we now regret to inform you, dear readers, that it seems Grant really isn't all that different from the rest.

Lo, not even a month previous this morning's tirade on Harper and Dion's recent journey into "Sweater Vests" we've found evidence that Mr. Lawrence himself has been sporting the sleevless style.

Say it ain't so Grant. Say it ain't so.

Tell us it's a photoshop trick; or that a puffin pooped on your tee and this argyled and armless piece of clothing was the only decent piece of clothing you could find to cover your nakedness. Tell us anything but that it's true Grant. We implore you.

Cue: Don't Let Me Down

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