Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello September

We're back and well-rested (mentally) and yet exhausted (physically) from our week at summer camp. Regardless, we're ready to welcome the fall. It'll be our first Ontario autumn in over a decade and I gotta say that I'm looking forward to display the trees around here are getting prepared for.

Hil's got some leads on work which I'll keep you posted on over the next while and I'm still busy making things look good with Young Lions of Pop (btw: I just posted some new websites on the blog). And while we do miss you (my dear Victorian Readers) we are starting to make some good friends around this place and settling into the groove.

Currently Listening to: "Tall Trees" - Matt Mays


AJ Renton said...

We miss you too!!!!

I'm sure we'll settle into a groove without you but I still get many a Kingsley hankerings that just don't get filled and it's sad.

James Kingsley said...

aw shucks mr. renton! you bring a big smiling tear to the eye...