Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tremonti vs Layton

Did anyone else catch Anna Maria Tremonti's "interview" with Jack Layton on this morning's edition of The Current? 

I'm all for the media keeping politicians on track to answer the questions they were originally asked, but if you ask me Tremonti injected this interview with more wizz and vinegar than I've come to expect from her.

Far from encouraging a discourse on any number of the NDP's platforms, she instead seemed hellbent on peppering Layton with a barrage of "yes" or "no" questions. Had she simply dropped her combative tone from the onset, I'm sure she would've been able to press Layton in a manner that actually procured some meaningful discussion.

Personally, I'll give Layton the benefit of the doubt that he was trying to explain some of the rationale behind the "sound bites" lobbed his way rather than dance "around" Tremonti's interrogation.

Have a listen for yourself and let me know what you think via the comments to this post.
Was Tremonti "on a mission" or was Layton giving her the runaround?


dlc said...

... maybe watching a little too much below the 49th CNN attack coverage?

... maybe a wannabe Anna-media Barracuda lust-for-power/profile?

... maybe, maybe, maybe ...

dlc said...

... it took Jack 'til 19:19 to ask her not to interrupt him, let him finish his thought ... she was on a bit of a mission.

... unfortunately, the header on the link spelled Layton wrong ...

Part 1: NDP Leader - Jack Latyton

... maybe A-MT was typing while interrupting him? ended rather abruptly didn't it?

Maffers said...

I heard the same interview this morning, and I also noticed the hard nosed edge of the interview. However, as I have laid out on I thought the questions were fair, and that Layton was evasive and full of doublespeak. This is not to pick on one party or another. It would have been just as wonderful to hear any of the other party leaders forced to cut the rhetoric b.s. and answer some questions as well. Job well done Anna, job well done. Now to have this type of interview format expand.

James Kingsley said...

thanks for weighing in maffers.

i would argue that layton wasn't using "doublespeak" so much as he was not ever allowed to finish his thought process/argument. the question about "killing" the oil sands demonstrates my case in point:

AMT asks JL if he would "kill the oil sands project." to which JL answers "no new projects." to which AMT says "so, you'd kill it."

Clearly there is a difference between not starting a second phase and shutting down the first one, and it seemed pretty obvious that was what Layton was saying.

To badger him into making another obvious statement such as "of course, we'll have to examine environmental issues before any second phase" is not so much doublespeak/backtracking as it is a logical point to make when you consider the reason for "no second phase" is due to questions about environmental impact.

p.s. the above "quotes" are paraphrases only. if anyone can find a transcript of the interview it'd be muchly appreciated.

p.s.s i should also make it known that my vote this year is still up for grabs...

ron cole said...

I'll guess she doesn't vote NDP. Man, she really didn't engage in conversation. It was more like toss kibble to a hungry dog, and then pull it out of his mouth before he had a chance to eat it. I couldn't believe how many times she interrupted him mid-stream. I surprised Jack remained as calm answering as he did. Did she miss morning coffee???