Monday, October 27, 2008

London's Best

Okay, so Hilary and I have been here in town almost 6 months now and we are in dire need of some local knowledge when it comes to the best this town has to offer in a number of categories. Tonight's waste of $20 on the most tasteless, greasy excuse for "chinese food" really underscores our need for you my dear London readers.

I'll try and fill in what we've managed to suss out ourselves so far, but if my London readers could be so kind as to either verify our findings or point us in a better direction, it'd be muchly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

(Note: There's a ton of categories here - don't feel you have to answer them all! Whatever help you can offer is help indeed!)

Best Pizza:
So far we've really been enjoying Piero's Pizza, but rumor has it there may be an exceptional pizzaria in the Byron area.

Best Chinese Food:

Best Shawarma:
Pita Pita Plus and Barakat are top of the charts so far.

Best Japanese:
We've been impressed with Tanakaya (in the Market).

Best Car Repair Shop:

Best independent Video Store:

Best Kitchen Shop:
Kiss the Cook (on Richmond) has a pretty good selection of fine kitchen wares...

Best Deli:

Best Specialty European Foods:

Best "Quick" (as opposed to "Fast") Lunch:

Best Thai Restaurant/Takeout:

Best Independent Bookstore:

Best Independent Record Store:


Candy said...

Best Thai Food/Takeout - Ben Thanh (York or Whiteoaks)
Best Car Repair Shop - Its a little far - Clarke Rd and Oxford - I'll give you the number later

Candy said...

oh yah - best pizza - byron pizza for sure

Laurie said...

Oh dear, it is HARD in London to scour the mediocre for the great little finds. Here is our list of best finds in Londontown

Pizza:Byron Pizza for sure!
Chinese: Shanghai on Springbank
Car: Tommy's motors in Lambeth, fair prices, honest people

Video: Cinema One on Wharncliffe, Jumbo at Adelaide. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT STRAY FROM THESE!

Kitchen: Jill's Table or Kingsmill's

Deli: Billy's on Dundas hands down and a wicked breakfast too

European foods: Market or Strano's. If you see the locals you know its quality.

Quick Lunch: Hot Oven at the Market, the spinach burek is awesome. Try the Marconi Club for their lunches through the week.

Thai: Ben Thanh has NOTHING on Thaun Kieu on Sandford and Huron try the 202!

Mexican/South American: El Amanceror or El Ranchito

Records:Beat goes on has a good selection of obscure/au courant but frequent visits are required.

Stay the course James! The beaten path is bland and conservative, much like London

jennykung said...

It looks like Lemon Grass is a favorite on Restaurantica.

There's a Lemon Grass in Guelph that has a great reputation but I'm not sure if they are owned by the same people. I guess it would be a pretty common name!

James Kingsley said...

right on laurie and jenny! thanks so much for the tips....we'll have to add them to our to-do list over the next few months!

Stephen said...

Auto - Trafalgar Auto near the south street campus - Stan and Richard are fantastic and honest! I will not take my cars anywhere else. 660-4989

Lemon Grass on wellinton - no ambiance but good for take out

Tak Sun - have Dim Sum at lunch - right beside my office

Curry's on Wellington - also beside my office - very neat ambiance

Panzarotti - Tony's on Dundas is a London tradition - so I have been only once but it was very good.

Congrats on the new job

James Kingsley said...

curry's and tak sun eh?! sweet. already. thanks stephen!