Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the...

On the Season:
The trees are in full autumnal glory, mornings reveal hints of frost, and "Saturday nights" is again just another way of saying "CBC's Hockey Night in Canada."

On the Stereo:
Coldplay's latest is mixing as well with crisp clear sunlight as it did with the summer's thick and hazy rays. I'm also looking forward to picking up the "new" Dylan and Lamontagne next time I'm near a record shop.

On the Mind:

Though I've been finding less a need to wax on about it via this blog.  Mainly because it's hard to underscore the fact that most my rants etc are admittedly about molehills...while I do have strong opinions, I often don't "care" nearly as much about things as it comes across when I dedicate a whole blog post to it.

On the Mend:
I've been going through my RSS reader lately. I'm down under 75 subscriptions again and am being more selective about what I follow - especially when it comes to the numerous design feeds I tend to get buried under. Next up: less email/internets during the evening and weekends.

On the Plate:
Fresh local produce and meat from the numerous farmers down at the Market. You would not believe the watermelon we purchased a few weeks back.

On the Election:
There has got to be a story other than Dion's leadership that the media can focus on. That said, there has been a lot of talk (rightly so) about our dismall voter turnout and the growing call for electoral change.

On the Desk:
I've been busy working on a few websites (such as ) and some print work for a number of fun clients. One of these days when it slows down I'll post more on the YLOP blog  or perhaps even finish updating my "official" design site

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