Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random asides

Wil and LOTC rocks my world
Went to see Jason Cook play with Wil last night at the London Music Club. Wil put on a great performance (dude has a killer voice and some great songwriting ) and Cookie was (as per usual) rad on the sticks.

It was also pretty sweet to discover the other half of the bill, Montreal's Ladies of the Canyon. This six-piece fronted by four women easily romped from southern rock through country-folk with no problem at all. If either band is heading through town: buy yourself and a few friends a ticket.

Moving vs settling
Hil and I have been fortunate enough to rent a house in London's Wortley Village - which just happens to be our favorite neighbourhood in town.  Last weekend we did a whack of painting and yardwork and finally picked up some shelving so we can finish unpacking We're almost set up and looking forward to hosting our first thanksgiving back home with family.

Work with Young Lions of Pop is going quite strong. Seems everybody wants fresh websites for the fall. Roar.

Forget what's happening south of the 49th
Tonight's (Canadian) debate should be fun. I'm starting to get a little irked with people who think our politics pale in comparison to what happens stateside. If you want excitment listen to May's spark, or give Dion a chance beyond the soundbites the media is giving...not that I'm in support of either May or Dion at this point. To be honest, I'm still very undecided. All that said, it's a shame Grant Lawrenece (of the Great Canadian Party) wasn't allowed to participate.

Go play outside - all day. 
This is a rad idea.

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