Monday, November 10, 2008

Half-Baked Monday (Nov 10)

Original content (ie. not just links) has been pretty sparse lately. One day I'll put something up of more substance. Here's a teaser of what such posts could expand upon....

U2's "Pop" was unfairly reviewed
While I still skip over the album's lead single (Discotheque) I firmly hold that U2's Pop was unfairly criticized. "Gone," "Miami," "If You Wear That Velvet Dress," "If God will Send His Angels" and "Wake Up Dead Man" are all phenomenal. So there.

Church Budgets
Has anyone heard of a faith community that has raised their yearly budget in advance of their ministry year? I realize that such a move would be hard to do for an already-established congregation, but if you put 10% of the budget away each year, you could conceivably make the shift in 10 years...

Ringtones are still dumb
Honestly, if it sounds like somebody turned a radio on in your pocket when someone calls your cellphone.... Phones should "ring," or at the least "beep."


The Renegade Librarian said...

I am totally with you on the cell rings.

In addition, "Pop" is one of the U2 albums I listen to the most and I agree that it's a killer album with some of the band's best lyrics. Also, I love "Discotheque" because it's campy, has huge beats, and that buzz-saw guitar riff is smokin'!

ron cole said...

Hey I agree guys, allot of Pop is on my favorite i-pod play list. Wake up dead man, last night on earth have such prophetic lyrics. Even among so called you U2 fans, it's not played a whole lot.

Church there such a thing, how about "mis-guided faith".