Sunday, November 23, 2008

Poll #1: What do yo want to see more of on this blog

For those of you checking in via RSS you might want to head on over to the "site actual" as I'm toying around with running a regular poll.

Fittingly, the first one asks what type of content you enjoy most on this blog.

So what is it? Music? Design? Churchy stuff? Polls?

Get your vote on.


Kyle Martin said...

Honest design and marketing ideas.

With all the manipulating crap out there, I wouldn't mind being led through the muddy waters.

James Kingsley said...

hmmmm....i like what i'm picking up there.

you thinking something like a regular post with some links to some exceptional work? or more like some opinion pieces on the subjects?

Kyle Martin said...

i would definitely like some opinion pieces.

your thoughts on some good honest advertising/ marketing mixed with good design... perhaps even relating to a positive message.

AJ Renton said...

I enjoy your posts that INCLUDE opinion. Ya always gotta add your two cents.

My personal focus would be on church stuff and design, mixed with a little Kingsley story telling. Music? Just not a priority for me :)

James Kingsley said...

Kyle: sounds good. I will keep my eyes open for some good campaigns to highlight.

Andy: we all know that music isn't a priority for you - and for that, i'll make sure to help you out ;)

The Renegade Librarian said...

More pics of you scantily clad. And some more opinion pieces.

ron cole said...

Hey James how about " churchy stuff ", mixed with creativity...and yes, the occasional Kingsley rant. Hey, I love the paneling, reminds me of our family room. Peace...Ron+

Tangira said...

Yeah, I would go even further than King Bing. We we need to see way more nudity ! Nothing but pure, unashamed, unbiased anatomy.... Viewer discretion would, of course, be advised... And it has to be right beside the ' churchy ' stuff which would be a great juxtaposition on the ' body of Christ '. Yeah, lets get naked.

James Kingsley said...

paul - you and the bing better be careful what you ask just never know what might turn up in your inboxes ;)