Saturday, November 29, 2008

A river runs through it?

Larry Cornies has a great piece in the LFP today urging Londoner's to show up in force over the next few months as the city looks to determine the future of it's relationship with the river we've got running through our core.

"For a city so tied to the Thames, very few of London's public institutions and civic gathering points, with the exception of Museum London, bask in its proximity and vitality. Our convention centre faces a parking lot and railway. Our arts facilities and performance spaces give the river a cold shoulder, as does city hall.

The result is that our finest urban asset is effectively mute."

After moving back to the area after 11 years I must say I couldn't agree with Cornies' assesment more: the river seems to be avoided more often than embraced, and I have absolutely no idea why.

Here's hoping the opportunity to get involved moves beyond last week's poorly attended open house.

Read Cornies' article from Saturday's LFP

Read the City's intro to the process

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