Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who Doesn't Like Wood Panelling?

Given that we're entering a new season (who else loves all this snow!?!) I figured I might as well go and give this blog's design a bit of an update. I've still got a few kinks to work out (ie. styling links a bit nicer etc) but in general the new look should stay for a while.

Aside from the aesthtics of it all I've really hacked up my sidebar and trimmed it down as much as possible. No more twitter updates, no more blogroll, no more shared blog posts. If somebody complains a lot, I might add a select amount of sidebar content back in, but for now I'm happy with the "less-is-less" approach.

Ya dig?

And now I'm going to go play in the snow.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

Saw the national weather report ...
enjoy the snow ... I'm going for a walk - in my sweatshirt. Funny how things change.

PS - do miss the blogroll.


James Kingsley said...

yeah man - i think the blogroll will be making its reappearance shortly. I miss it a lot too!

enjoy your hoodies and temperate walks ya bum!

dlc said...

... if the panelling was just a tad darker it would qualify for the #45 Weybourne look-alike contest!

beth said...

hey! thought you might want to know: while i do like the new look in general, the black text/red links on the wood background are not super legible on this computer. :/ i'm using IE6 in XP (at work - not by choice), in case that matters.

James Kingsley said...

thanks beth....that is an Explorer bug. i'll try and find a workaround so you can view the site in all it's glory shortly!


beth said...

i wondered about that... it looks better now. :)

James Kingsley said...

i've still got a few more kinks to work the meantime you should check it out in firefox from home if you can!

when you say "it looks better now" are you still viewing in xp with ie6? mind sending a screenshot to jkblogspot at gmail dot com?