Saturday, December 27, 2008

8 Things For 2009

1. My use of Facebook will slowly fade.
I'm already down from hourly visits to something closer to daily and I've no doubt this trend will continue. Anybody else want to start drifting away with me?

2. I'll read more words offline
My appetite to ingest the written word was easily satisfied through my rss reader and a number of news sites last year. There's no doubt that I'll keep the feeds turned on (newspaper subscriptions are still quite pricey) but I am hoping to make more economic (read: less) use of the web overall and having a book in hand is often a surefire way to go about that.

3. I'll rent less movies
Renting a movie from any of the big chains is nearing $7 a pop and that's just ridiculous. Copule that with the fact that there's nobody but the big chains around my place and you'll find me hanging out at at Rainbow Cinemas ($4.20 on Tuesdays) and renting from the Apple Store ($4.99 for new releases) and the Library (Free) a whole heck of a lot more.

4. We'll give more locally
Not to thump our chests, but now that we've got at least one steady income, Hilary and I are hoping to make a more regular habit of spreading our money around a bit. Funny thing is, the more we've become aware of increasing need on a global scale, the more we've also been considering focusing our efforts on relieving local pressures... Expect more blogging on this idea in the new year.

5. Let's get political
Our political apathy (read: low voter turnout) is on it's way out and I think May and the Greens will (continue) to be the reason behind this - if not for the fact alone that they simply seem to care more about "the vote" than "their votes." That kind of high road is what Canadians want to see in their political representatives.

6. Music is freed
Radiohead made the biggest move this past year (though Jets Overhead and Jane Siberry/Issa have been doing so longer) by offering their album digitally at a "pay-what-you-want" price and then selling strong for a set price on the physical release afterward as well, but expect this year to bring even more experimentation with the way the public receives music.

7. Four day work week
The four day work week has been gaining steam (and press) over the last year, but expect the trend to make it from the headlines to your office (or the office of someone you know) before much longer.

8. CBC makes it three square meals a day
Wake up with Jian and Q , Drive home with Rich and wrap the day up with George and the Hour. Expect more people to get on the CBC media diet this year as the MotherCorp's flagship programs continue to gain marketshare and garner critical acclaim.

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