Monday, December 22, 2008

Year in Review '08 | Theology

With 2008 on it's way out, here's some posts I think deserve another look.

The following ten posts (listed in no particular order) are still resonating with me and I've got a feeling they will continue to influence my thinking about the "big-C" Church as we head into 2009.

1. Nathan on Good vs Bad Leadership
"A leader is one who leads not by making decisions that affects everyone whether they like it or not but one who lives a life that people follow."

2. Kyle on creating culture
"Now what if our church ceased to gather for the sake of gathering, ceased to worship just to worship, but instead gathered together each week to dream, learn from each other, imagine and the produce something for the benefit of our community. And I mean something seriously tangible, not abstract. I mean a magazine, or a business, or a __________, you fill in the blank."

3. Ron wonders about Church finances and I add my own two cents

4. Jamie Arpin Ricci delves into "commuter christianity"

5. Bailey puts discovery ahead of creation

6. Cooper comments on "The Church in an Age of Scarcity"
- my notes
- the original post

7. Fitch ponders 5 reasons why someone might leave a congregation

8. I got all semantic about "community" as a congregational value

9. Cooper on Program vs Parties
"Forget the program. No one has a program anymore other than churches, just throw a party and make it worth coming to. "

10. The first drafts of Jesus' Parables


Kyle Martin said...

Thanks for the plug james. it was good for me to be reminded of my own post.

cheers, and have a great christmas in london.

James Kingsley said...

no worries dude - you just keep on creating culture there in van.

and enjoy your white christmas this year too eh?!