Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve by the numbers

Man hours it took to shovel the driveway this morning: 4.5 (1.5 on my own, another 1.5 with Hil's help).

Cars all the neighbours and us helped push down the road this morning: 3

Shovels broken under the weight of wet snow: 1

Snowplows to fill in the bottom of our driveway after we finished clearing it: One was enough.

Family visiting/staying with us: 3

Soaking wet dogs mauling each other (playfully) in the backyard: 2

Pounds added to body weight thus far: Not counting

Pounds of Crab legs to be ingested this evening: About 2 each

Cheers to Old Man Winter: 3


Tangira said...

... The joys of going through Kingsley's activities by the numbers ?... Priceless !

We'll miss you & Hil at the midnight Communion service tonight, Man. Keep shovellin'...

James Kingsley said...

glad you enjoyed 'em paul! i trust you and em and izzy and si had a great time ringing in jc's birthday last night...merry christmas eh?!