Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Colin on the Coalition/Initial Rant

"Maybe Harper should have listened to the Canadian public and worked towards unity in the political system...when the Canadian vote is split between five parties and none of them are truly taking a lead it's time for all leaders to step up and find some common ground..."

Posted by my good buddy C McT on fbook...and I personally couldn't agree with him more.

Harper called the last election because he said parliament "wasn't working"- and at the end of it all nothing much really changed as far as his ability to actually lead was concerned. He'd have to be absolutely insane to think that gaining 1% more of the vote means the people of Canada had given him "a mandate." You know what that mandate was if there was one at all? "Learn to play well with others, Steve."

I think it's obvious now that he hasn't.

For those of you who think the Liberals and NDP are just out there trying to "steal" power you might want to consider that in Canada we don't elect parties - we elect parliaments. Laws are passed and legislation is enacted by whoever can convince enough seats to vote with them. In life outside parliament this is called "leadership" and makes perfect sense. If you can't convince people to vote with you - you're not a leader.

End rant.

Recomended Listening: Come Together


ron cole said...

hey james, I know your a Mercer fan...this weaves in nicely with your rant.



James Kingsley said...

i forgot the globe was publishing these. sweet. thanks for passing the link along.

I made sure to tune in to Mercer last night in anticipation of his "Rant" and I gotta say: he sure didn't pull any punches.