Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Year in Review '08 | Singles

By no means is this list exhaustive. Nor is it a "best of '08." It's simply a collection of roughly 20 singles that kept popping up in my iTunes over the year.

So sit back, ignore some of the horrendous user-created videos (ie. ignore the medium) and enjoy.

In no particular order...

You Are the Best Thing
From: Gossip in the Grain (2008)
by: Ray Lamontagne
Your horn section is the best thing.

Detroit '67
From: Love at the End of the World (2008)
by: Sam Roberts
You will be singing this tomorrow.

Wolves at the Door
From: Holding On To Whatever It Is (2008)
by: The Waking Eyes
A little freaky - a lot catchy.

I Wish That I Could See You Soon
From: I Wish That I Could See You Soon (2007)
by: Herman Düne
If Cake mated with Sesame Street, this is what you'd end up with.

Always a Friend
From: Real Animal (2008)
by: Alejandro Escovedo
Can you really go wrong when the boss joins you on this, one of the summer's most summery tunes?!

Southbound Train
From: Fall EP (2008)
by: Jon Foreman
With a guitar line reminiscent of the 77's classic The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life, Foreman takes it down a notch and cozies up to Autumn.

Not On Top
From: Not On Top (2006)
by: Herman Düne
I turned 30 this year, and this song nailed it cynically on the head with enough humour to erase said cynicism. (Warning: Coarse Language)

Bold As Love
From: Continuum (2006)
by: John Mayer
I've never really been a big Mayer fan, but I am a "Mayer-covers-Hendrix" fan anyday.

From: Viva La Vida (2008)
by: Coldplay
Big beat + big church organ = big hit.

You Really Got a Hold On Me (Live)
From: MTV Canada performance (2008)
by: She and Him
This song's really got a hold on me.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
From: Weezer (Red Album)
by: Weezer
The greatest conglomeration of musical styles/gentres in one pop song ever.

I Believe in You

From: Jukebox (2008)
by: Cat Power
Dylan never sounded so "knee-high-boots."

Fourth Time Around
From: I'm Not There Soundtrack
by: Yo La Tengo
Dylan never sounded so "1970's foreign film soundtrack"

24 Hours
From: 24 Hours (2008)
by: Tom Jones
Do I hear Rick Rubin knocking?

Bye Bye Bye
From: Parc Avenue (2008)
by: Plants and Animals
If Queen came from Montreal and had beards.

Greenwich Time

by: Justin Rutledge
From: Man Descending (2008)
Justin's music is the Bailey's to this winter's hot chocolate.

Stand and Deliver
From: Terminal Romance (2008)
by: Matt Mays and El Torpedo
Not even Tom Petty could stand and deliver beneath this sonic onslaught.

In Our Bedroom After the War
From: In Our Bedroom After the War (2007)
by: Stars
Hope. Love. Peace. Joy.

Meghan's Song & Echoes of Eden
From: Throwing Punches in the Dark (2006)
by: Matthew Perryman Jones
Jones' production is top-notch: thick as peanut butter, sweet as honey.

Honorable Mention:
CBC Radio 2's Drive (Hosted by Richard Terfry) has got a lot of play on both my car and home stereo's since launching this fall. If you're into good songwriting, and a DJ who know how to intro a song, you're gonna want to tune in over 2009.


Kyle Martin said...

that red album is brilliant! good call on greatest man that ever lived.

Malcolm Johnson said...

thanks for the list...

James Kingsley said...

no worries dude. it was a fun one to put together. especially cos i think i snubbed some of the critic's pics this year. i'm okay being less cool in public...