Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Greening of London

Since moving back to London from "Lotus Land" I must say that it has been a little disheartening to notice a lack of "top-down" support for a municipal concern with lessening the stress we're putting on this planet.

That said, the mayor's "State of the City Address" this past week seems to suggest change is on the way for this city.

We're pretty stoked to watch the momentum grow and here's just a sample of some headlines from the last few days.

Op-Ed about light Rail from Windsor to Toronto
Rapid transit along southern ontario's main corridor has long been "suggested" - but it looks as though it's realization could be gaining momentum again.

"Green to Compete" initiative ntroduced by Mayor
"We are on the threshold of a paradigm shift in civic responsibility. People are seeking ways to go green and will gladly get involved with the right tools at their fingertips,"
LFP overview
Full text of the mayor's "State of the City Address

EcoLiving London applies for funding
Local Green Drinks co-ordinator Tiffany Roschkow is taking the city up on it's offer to support local initiatives to bring some green to this city and has introduced a proposal to make EcoLiving London a reality:

"[The] goal is simple: to compile a comprehensive directory of all the local resources that support Londoners in living more sustainably and then create fresh, innovative ways to continually bring these resources to the public’s attention."


Malcolm Johnson said...

so much good farmland out there. did you guys ever make any progress on the market idea?

James Kingsley said...

agreed - the bounty around here is pretty formidable.

as far as the market idea goes, it's still something we're thinking about. turns out the saturday market downtown is doing really well and it might be more fun to expand it than start something similar just around the corner...