Monday, January 5, 2009

Momentum and "Churchy" Design

It's been a great new year so far with Hil and I taking advantage of the season's momentum to scale back on a few things (cable, phone plans etc) and try and up some others (more dinner parties, books etc).

I'm also playing around with a new blog idea focused on "churchy" design. I'm not a fan of labelling things "christian" but I think "churchy" does a good job at explaining what the site will showcase: examples of great web design, print work and architecture that is birthed from within, or in direct conversation with the larger christian tradition.

Right now I'm calling it the "ChurchyDesign Blog" but if you can think of a better name for it (that's equally "obvious") I'd be more than happy to consider it. Please though - nothing Greek or Latin.

If wanted to take a look at the very rough idea/working site, head on over here.

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Kyle Martin said...

sounds good bro.