Friday, February 27, 2009

How/why GenX doesnt' feel the recession's sting (as much)

"Those of us who took low-wage jobs were not just marking time. Not all of us, anyway. We were doing work we cared about, as journalists and teachers and social workers.

All that job-hopping and freelancing? We were dilettantes, on some level, it's true. But we also understood, before most, that something had shifted - that we were moving to an economy of telecommuters and independent contractors and less-than-loyal employers.

And while the best minds on Wall Street cooked up the real estate mess that destroyed a global economy, we were sensible enough to steer clear of that overpriced condo and move into a dingy, three-bedroom rental with a few of our meathead friends...

We brought you the Internet, worked on green technology, and filled the ranks of Teach for America. We crossed the color line, ate local produce, and bought secondhand clothing. We lived in smaller spaces, drove smaller cars, and took the subway to work."

From: So maybe the slackers had it right after all

c/o Jordon Cooper


"When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose"
~ Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone


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It is always nice to have someone like Jordan to articulate your feelings ...


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