Monday, February 2, 2009

Media Monday

• Finally got around to watching Lars and and Real Girl. It's as brilliant as it is awkward and fully worth watching.

Defiance was quite "good." I use quotes around "good" in that it's never really "entertainment" when you're watching the story of a hunted people....

• Catching up on the Flight of the Conchords first season....the world needs more dry humour like this.

BSG has started its last season and so far it's pretty frackin' good.

• After a slow'ish start, LOST is fully in gear and messing with my head like old times.

Jack is back and while not really "new," this season of 24 is already more entertaining than the last few.

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Malcolm Johnson said...

i almost detoured into the Defiance theatre on the way to see The Wrestler. it was a great film, but really heavy.