Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Linkage

Seth Godin Talks about "Music" vs the "Industry"

GuluWalk founder, Adrian Bradbury interviewed by the Globe and Mail on "what's driving companies to give back to their communities and beyond." (audio)

BlueSkyMod - very nice looking pre-fab dwellings.
c/o BlogTO

Fairey in battle over use of Obama image.

This should be an interesting one for pop artists to follow.

Grow Your Own Bread
Vancouver Islands' DIY Wheat Farmers have a waiting list to grow your own....

Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign
"Like a kid in a candy store, we creatives redesign like it’s the new black. Why do we possess such an insatiable desire to refresh and remake? Why do we thrive on renewal? What tempts us to be seduced by the sway of renaissance? "

Churches could learn from Dentyne
Church Marketing Sucks asks some great questions about tech etc in response Dentyne's new "Face Time" ads and website.

How Canadian homes are going green

Garments for Forced Intimacy

Cupid + Knitting = Awesome.

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