Friday, February 6, 2009

TheStory's Party Challenge

In conjunction with a series on some of the "once lost, now found" parables of Jesus, Sarnia's theStory is doing it up right this February with a challenge to party.

And though I think it goes without saying, I'll say it anyway: the "big c" Church could sure use some more parties.

Party it up in Sarnia there fellas, we'll try and join you here in _______.

via Nathan Colquhoun


Malcolm Johnson said...

the first miracle was at a party. water into a fine beaujolais, i think.

Anonymous said...

NOOOO WAAYYYY... Joe Manafo!!! How amazing to see what's up on the other side of country!!! We used to hang out on Friday nights hauling out sofa's and foosball tables to hang out with 40+ youth back in Calgary with Westside!!

We have been trying to spread the creative love of Jesus over on the Island as well at Lambrick Park Church!!

Keep up the good work!!
Kerri Saskiw-Morash