Friday, April 24, 2009

Miller on the Government "vs" The Church

Donald Miller recently posted this nugget of gold in response to a question on the roles of government and The Church when it comes to helping people. Suffice it to say, I think he nails it:

"I tend to see people as people and don’t really differentiate between the government and anybody else. If the government can help, why not. They are people and we are people. It’s not like they are robots. As for whether or not the work should be done by the church, it isn’t, so somebody has to do it. The church could solve all problems of poverty, and when it does, I think the government could go back to building roads and putting up stop signs. That said, though, it is difficult for me to imagine how the church is going to help provide healthcare. So if we are involved in the church and think the government shouldn’t be doing this work, the way to make them stop is to make the work go away by doing it ourselves."


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