Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Linkage

No Tankers
Beautifully executed campaign to raise awareness about potential for oil spills along Canada's coastal waters.

What to do with Empty Big Box Stores
Building big used to mean building in a meaningful fashion. But big-box stores offer size without heft. "The buildings exude an ephemeral quality," Christensen notes, "imparted by the frequency with which corporations vacate the structures, and yet the dead weight of an empty big-box building does not simply go away." Read More
via Jordon Cooper

Architecture of Hope
Can architecture help kids learn better? Or at the very least, can it make them not hate school?

That question burns most intensely in places where architecture historically has been the enemy, the nation's aboriginal reserves, isolated and shadowed by the dark legacy of residential schools. Read More

Pay-What-You-Can Café
SAME has a menu that changes daily but always features food that's made from scratch and is largely organic. It has tables, chairs, bus bins, plants in the windows and overhead music (usually a mix of classic rock). But there's one thing SAME doesn't have: a cash register. There's no credit-card machine, no change drawer, no receipt book. That's because SAME doesn't have prices. Diners come in and order — some ask for just a cup of soup or a small slice of pizza, while others go for a whole meal, maybe even seconds if they're really hungry — and then pay what they want. Read more

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