Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Introspection

I apologize for the Chicken Soup for the Soul'ness of this, but I was in a bit of an introspective mood tonight and thought "what the heck - might as well post it anyway."

1. I'm a verbal processor, which means by the time I reach the end of what I'm saying, I may very well disagree strongly with what I've just said.

2. As much as I freely share on this blog, it has only recently occurred to me that I've kept it clear of a lot of life's big stuff lately. More on that later I suppose...

3. I'm afraid my molehills often come across as mountains. In light of this I'm trying hard to ensure my passion steers clear of arrogance.

4. I think I'm going to invest in some "leisure wear." Not like smoking jackets and terry cloth bathrobes; just some good comfy "takin' 'er easy" attire.

5. You don't get what you don't pay for. Ever.

6. I'd love to ride my bike to work, but in all honesty I'm too scared to share a pot-holed road (where the posted limit is 80km/hr) with London's drivers. I guess that means I'm still one of "London's Drivers."


Anonymous said...

It's true, you never do get over the riding over pot hole basically does jolt your entire body...however, I would take this ANY day over being a "London Driver." It is totally worth it...especially the feeling you get when you arrive at work after riding in the fresh morning spring air! When was the last time you biked anyway James?

James Kingsley said...

i've got a nice little 3 speed (internal hub-shifter - classic) that i picked up off somebody front lawn (it was free, not stolen) back in victoria that i'm looking forward to cruising around the village with this summer. as far as being highway worthy - it won't go anyway near it!

Keep needling though and one day I'll be showing up to work in full spandex...