Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colquhoun on Money (and our love for it)

Nathan Colquhoun has written a game-changing post inspired by some of the most common arguments levied against what the Christian Church spends it's money on. It's well worth the read and I'd highly suggest it for anyone who regularly gets their undies in a bunch over church finances.

Throughout the post he argues for a de-valuing of money in the church through reminding the reader that money's power is ultimately granted by us alone. It has no intrinsic value in and of itself and only inasmuch as we grant it worth are we are held captive by it.

"I am learning not to care about the numbers and paper like I used to. By getting angry and vocal about how poorly someone spends their money, I feel like I am only perpetuating a system that puts money on a pedestal as something that should be held with utmost respect and honour. Something I don't think money deserves...."

Far from a radical cry to abandon money altogether (only to find it replaced with some other symbol of power) Nathan's post cuts straight through to the breakup:

So I've decided (at least for now) that all the injustices that I cry out about over the bad spending of money aren't as important as I always thought they were. My cry for injustice is more sounding like cries against disrespecting the God of money, a cry I can't allow be muttered from my lips anymore. If anything, maybe I'll just be concerned with how we are giving to God's what is God's and allow what is Caesars to hang out in the world of Caesar. It sounds better to me than trying to give what is Ceasar's to God, cause apparently God doesn't care all that much with what happens to it."

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