Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GreenWashing? Or a step in the right direction?

Eat Real, Eat Local
"Here’s my bottom line: what can it hurt? With governments slashing budgets and wealth spread increasingly among the few, if a multinational subsidiary wants to step up and try something different that may change the way we eat, possibly for the better, then I say why not?" Read more

Coca-Cola Aims for Gold by Going Green
“The skeptics are right that companies like ours have not overnight become charities. Our aim remains to sell more drinks. But if we intend to keep growing, this growth has to be achieved in a sustainable way.” Read more

I'm kind of on board with both of the quoted comments above. Obviously, the "bigness" of Hellman's and Coca-Cola serve as major hurdles to encouraging the consuming public to live and buy smarter/lighter, but I still maintain that steps in the right direction are nevertheless steps in the right direction.

If we can't settle for none (in the case of Coke: no plastic, in the case of Hellman's no "corporation"), I say we at least settle for less.

I mean, really, the worst case scenario is the public calls these companies out for a greenwash and both realize the money they've sunk into a failed marketing campaign would be better invested in R&D to actually make things greener.

Your thoughts?

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